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IMPLEMENTATION digitizes Walk n Roll Maps into our platform.  In partnership with local and school administrators we help promote the download of our mobile app to help promote your communities preferred walking and biking routes to school.  Parents and students can use the app to track their real-world position in relation to the preferred routes.

Our School Depot Station tool allows agency partners to identify meet up locations for families to help establish Walking School Bus or Bike Train programs to build stronger preferences towards walking and biking travel modes. The platform provides analytic tools to help track community use.

To reward and incentivize students in middle and high school, the will track walking and biking mode use and allow local and school administrators to reward students at select milestones.

Customer Administrators can also use the platform to push one-way messages to app users to help encourage walking and biking events, community meetings, or local activities targeting promotion of new bike-pedestrian infrastructure facilities.

For Smart City Signals partners, integrate your real-time traffic signal status data into the platform at no additional cost.  Integrate IoT Mobility Counter solutions with your solutions to introduce real-time traffic data collection along school routes to track behavior change and identify changing trends in travel behavior.

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